Delete or Change Name on Trenches


Trenches can have unique names for easier identification. This name can be changed or deleted as desired.


Open the design dialogue in a CAD-program.


Navigate to your trench:

Picture 1: Navigate to the relevant trench

Right-click on the node you want the numbering to start from. Select Renumber trench and the Renumbering window will start.

Picture 2: Click on Renumber Trench

Picture 3: Here you can edit node names and trace section names

Prefix will change the names. First for the nodes, and then for the trench.

Here, the node names will be ABC and the numbering will start with 1 at the selected node and increase with one to the next node. The trench name will be XYZ.

Picture 4: Prefix will change the node names and the trace section names

You can see the changes in the CAD-program and in the design window.

Picture 5: Observe the changes