3D Sign

This function is used to create a new 3D Sign Configuration or edit an existing configurations.


Not in use.

Current position number

Display the position number for selected reference line.


Settings for the different signs. 

Select signs in the list for "Sign names" and make any changes for "Eccentricity" or "Rotation".

Note which sign is active under "Sign used for vertical distance".

Reference point (X)

Used to set the correct value for the terrain height of the reference point. Enter the value manually or automatically calculate a value from the current Quadri for Windows project.

Task name

Select which "Elevation from Surface" task is to be used by the reference type "Fixed xy".

Reference type

Two different choices. 

"Fixed xyz" - user enter a z-value in the dialog and press "Update". 

"Fixed xy"  - z-value will automatically be calculated from task name selected under "Task name".


Z-value in m for reference point (X).

Pole and Foundation

Select the desired mast type with associated foundation.

Update 3D

By pressing this button, the 3D geometry in the drawing is updated with respect to the different current values from the different dialog boxes of the function.


Here you can enter values for the different object types you want to save for the objects in Quadri.

Properties Option

Select the desired type of object that you want to edit and the list of possible properties will be updated according to selected type.


General settings for the 3D Sign Configuration function. The choices made here apply not only to the current position number, but to the entire drawing.


Layer settings for the various object types for the 3D sign's CAD geometry.


The values under "Color mapping" and "Image quality" are used by the function "Store to Quadri" to determine the quality of the sign faces that are saved.

Sign Position…

In this dialog, you can control the position of each individual sign in the layout. The values that can be edited will depend on how many signs are defined for the configuration.

The signs are given a "name" in the dialog in accordance with the order they were "Added" to the reference line.


A number of values are reset to default settings for the function.


The function is closed and data is stored on the reference line.

Note: The 3D geometry is not updated with OK, it is only updated with "Update 3D".