Niche Type Definition

In this dialog, you can define the niche types to be used in your tunnel project. The niche type definitions are stored in the tunnel geometry file when you save your data in the “Define Tunnel Geometry” dialog.

The instances of the niches must later be defined in the “Niche” dialog that can be opened from the tunnel geometry element tree.

In the “Existing niche type definition” dropdown list you choose whether you want to define a new niche type from scratch or modify an existing niche type. Modified niche types can be saved as new niche types by the button “Save as New” or you can just save the modifications to the same niche type by clicking the “Save” button. Unused niche types can be deleted by choosing them and clicking on the “Delete” button.

Each niche type must be given a name and a unique number to identify the niche type.

The niche types are based on hardcoded niche templates. The following niche templates are implemented:

For each tunnel template, the actual parameters are listed in the dialog together with an illustrating figure. Most of the parameters should be self-explaining, but the vertical distance, “E”, for road project needs clarification: This is the vertical distance from the tunnel baseline to the intersection point between the bottom of the niche and inner tunnel wall.

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