Draw Cross-Sections from Road Design Task

Use this function to draw the cross-sections from the active road design task along its alignment.


Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Draw Cross-sections: Draw Cross-sections from Road Design Task

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Draw Cross-sections > Draw Cross-sections from Road Design Task

The dialog Draw Cross-sections from Road Design Task will pop up.


The active road design task, start chainage, and end chainage of its alignment will be displayed at Model Info. To change the road design task, exit the function and run the function Select design task.

When pressing the […]-button to select chainages to be included in the drawing, the codes can be used to identify the cross-section in the right pane list.

Table 1: Codes to identify the cross-section

Drawing Settings:

The field Chainage Selection shows the number of sections currently being calculated. To change the selection of sections, use the ellipse button to open the dialog box Chainage Numbers. This box contains a list of all cross-sections calculated in the road model, these sections can be filtered by either checking or unchecking them from the list, or by using the options under include chainage calculated because of.

Use the option For each if calculation of a user-defined distance between chainage points is needed.

To include the cross-sections (of point 3 to 6) in the road model calculation, refer to the accuracy of Quantity Calculation Settings.

Additional drawing objects

A dialog will pop up if the option Select Mass Data (ellipse button) is selected:

Draw other alignments - Includes the other alignments available in the active terrain model.

Draw wireframes - Includes the other wireframe models available in the active terrain model.

Draw illustration symbols - Includes the illustration symbols in the cross-sections.

Existing objects - Includes the existing objects available in the active terrain model.

Terrain Settings

Terrain Data: The source for the terrain profile along the alignment can be either quantity calculations of road model (default option) or terrain surface.

Sheet settings

Layout settings


Figure 1: Adjusting the gap between sections

Figure 2: Adjusting the inner margins

Drawing style setting

Current Drawing style: Select a drawing standard from the list of the predefined national standards for cross-sections. The active drawing style is displayed at Style preview.

Plot options

Execute the function with the button Draw.