This is a function for planting a row or rows with one symbol. You can add a symbol description and insert text while inserting the symbols, or you can add this information later using the 'Object menu (NCO)'.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Planting Design > Row

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Planting Design: Row

Starting the function you will show these command prompts: Select a baseline: Pick a line, arc, polyline:<Enter> = Read from a file Select a line, lines, or polylines. The direction of the line will start at end of the first element you selected. If you press enter you will get a dialog that enables you to read an alignment from a ten table, INH file, or LIN file. Pick a line, arc, polyline/Undo: Initiation is OK (2 elements) Rows to the right or left of the baseline? Select by pointing: Point at the left or right of the line to indicate where you want the row Define what you want to do from the dialog.

Parameters for symbol placement

Before using this function you should read the topic Single. The single topic describes setting out a single plant. The description below concentrates on the parameters that differ from the topic single. The figure shows the parameters for the placement of rows.


In addition to the parameter's rotation and size, there is one extra parameter for rows.

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