This is the old version of the Land Use Disposal. We encourage you to use the new version Insert land use text when possible. The function will draw your land use areas with color and give selected attributes to each area. The area will get a certain graphical presentation and attributes regarding size and general area description. This function does not use topology features to establish the areas. Thus, it can be used to define areas that don't build as expected with the topology-based functions. It will also give the possibility to define areas with custom drawing rules.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Land use disposal >  Define

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Land use disposal:  Define

The function is a common function for both Novapoint Area Planning and Novapoint Landscape and will differ depending on which module you started the function from. In Novapoint Area planning it will also differ depending on which plan type is current. This dialog will appear: Which drawing rules and what kind of technical information to be set to each area can be defined by choosing the command Area drawing rules. From Landscape, choose Area - Define or press the button When you establish a land use in a drawing, these tasks are normally done:

Note: Never use lines from Xrefs, always turn off Xrefs in the drawing when using 'Pick point'.