Line Projection to 3D Faces

Use this function to project the selected entities (line, polyline, or lwpolyline) to the 3D face triangle model available on the current drawing.

Run the function from:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Terrain > Terrain Design > Line Projection to 3Dfaces

Command prompts for:

Select objects:

Select the lines/polylines/lwpolylines, which are to be projected to the 3D face triangle model and finish with the right button of the mouse, press 'Enter' or the key 'Return'.

Command prompts for:

Follow [Terrain/MInimum/MEan/MAximum] <Terrain>:

Command prompts for:

Erase existing lines/polylines [Yes/No] <No>:

The selected entities can be erased using the option 'Yes'. By default, selected entities will be retained (prompt option 'No'). A new 3D polyline will be created.

Command prompts for:

…. UNDO [Yes/No] <No>:

Undo option to cancel the function.