Layer Properties

NOTE: The Layer Properties functionality is available from NP2023 after upgrading a Road task to version 2.1.

The Layer Properties tab describes the typical properties for each pavement layer in the active pavement template. This data will be added as a 'default' to the road at the centerline, and will be inherited outwards on the pavement layer.

Use this tab to add the general properties to the pavement layers. For a more detailed specification you can do that in the Pavement tab of the dialog.

Configuring the properties

The configuration of what properties and what they contain is available to change in the Properties Config in the upper part of the pavement dialog.

The Config allows the user to:

Add a property

To add a property, simply write a property name and specify if the property should be of type 'Freetext' or 'Drop-down'

Activate/Deactivate a property

When deactivating a property all information and use of it is still stored in the model.

To get it back just activate it again.

Turn ON/OFF the automatic mapping to Quadri

Automatic mapping to Quadri is done in a way so that the results ends up in a genericPropertyList attribute (for Quadri 1.xx feature catalogues). This requires that the conversion rule on the road task contains the necessary information. The user will be prompted when exiting the Properties Config dialog and when building the roadmodel if a property is active with the automatic mapping turned ON.

When turning off the automatic mapping the user needs to manually map the property to an attribute that is available on the StructureLayer featuretype (for Quadri 1.xx feature catalogues).

Example of manually mapping to attributes in Quadri

Here we see a property in the Properties Config called 'My property'

In the Properties Config we define a property

In the Rules for Results for the road task we define a mapping for 'My Property', in this example still using genericPropertyList, but defining that My Property become ABCDE in Quadri.

Note: The mapping can be done specifically pr pavement layer or, like in this example, applying for all rules.

And the results we see in Quadri should reflect our changes.

Delete a property

When deleting a property and saving the change, the property and any values used will be permanently deleted.

If you want to temporarily turn it off, then de-activate the property instead.