Label 3D Contours

The function is used to label several 3D contours with their respective elevation. The function reads the elevations of the contour lines and labels all the selected contours with respective elevations. Function prompts for an insertion point for each elevation label.

Run the function from:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Not available from the Toolbar

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Map > Label 3D Contour(s)

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Not available from the command line

Command prompts for:

Select objects: Select the contour lines for which elevation labels are to be inserted. You can use AutoCAD's selection options Fence, Crossing, Window, etc., and confirm the selected objects by pressing Enter or right-clicking.

First fence point: If you have used a fence, as here, pick the first point of the fence line.

Undo/<Endpoint of line>: Pick the next fence point for the line (and the next - to you are finished). You can select U to regret the fence point. Confirm your choice with Enter.

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Tip: The contour lines in the order of selection will be highlighted to indicate the respective contour for elevation value.

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