The upgrade button on the task was first available for road tasks from Novapoint 2023.

When your road task is version 1.0

This upgrade button is not available for task version 1.0.

Tasks of this version need to go through a major upgrade, replacing older proprietary filetypes (GEN and others) to newer filetypes (DMI/DMR).

The upgrade will also swap out the conversion rule file on the task to one that is compatible with the newer generation of design tool.

When your road task is version 2.0

The upgrade button is present and active. The upgrade will lift the task from being version 2.0 to 2.1.

With this lifting process the road task will have access to the Layer Properties functionality.

In addition the conversion rule will be updated so that it is getting the materialNature and detailedMaterialDescription from the Layer Properties functionality.

When your road task is version 2.1

This upgrade button present but not active.