Ditch Depth

Use this function to define and ensure the minimum depth between the roadbed/formation to the ditch bottom in order to prevent surface ditch water from encroaching on the road pavement.

Figure 1: Illustration of ditch depth

Run the function from the following location of the floating window Road Model:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Data > Cut and Fill Elements > Ditch Depth

The dialog box Ditch Depth - Minimum Depth below Formation will pop up.

Note: As a rule, with a thick road pavement, the ditch gradient must be extended in order to fulfill the depth requirement below the roadbed/formation. Where there is a thin road pavement, the distance from the shoulder edge to the drainage ditch bottom will normally result in determining the depth of the drainage ditch - please refer to the lower part of the illustration.

Figure 2: Illustration of ditch depth

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