Geosuite and Projectwise

From version 15.1.0 of Geosuite Toolbox you can use GeoSuite simultaneously with ProjectWise in AutoCAD environment.


GeoSuite 15.1.0 have already installed necessary files so that you can use GeoSuite simultaneously with ProjectWise in the AutoCAD environment.

Create new drawings

If ProjectWise is installed in AutoCAD then it is always necessary to specify an AutoCAD template when generating new drawings. Depending on whether ProjectWise is activated or not the behavior becomes somewhat different.

ProjectWise is Enabled

Lets start with the situation when ProjectWise is enabled. When you generate a drawing from Geosuite it may start with a login procedure into ProjectWise, you then have to choose a Template file, see picture below. It may be a good idea to check in the template file you want to use with GeoSuite in ProjectWise, GSTemplate.dwt in the picture.

Choose Open and the drawing is generated. The Template-file do not need to be checked in ProjectWise. In that case, click “Open from disk” and choose a file from your own computer or server.

ProjectWise is disabled

The behavior will be a bit different if you disable ProjectWise, ie choose to click “Disable”

With disabled ProjectWise you still have to select an AutoCAD template file when generating a new drawing.