Landscaping defines fill surfaces, which are to be laid out on top of the ordinary road surface, and/or verges, or cutting surfaces to indicate that some of the verges are to be leveled.

Run the function from the following location of the floating window Road Model:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Not available from Toolbar

MOUS_ICO Menu: Data > Cut and Fill Elements > Landscaping

The dialog box Landscaping will pop up.

Upper table


Landscaping surfaces can be defined on a section basis. Define the section using the columns From and To. The section descriptions are sorted on the profile in ascending order. A new section has to be defined whenever the shape of a landscaping surface changes.

Start landscaping at

The starting point for a landscaping surface can be defined in any of the following methods using the pull-down menu of the cell:

Select the suitable method described above.

End at

Cuttings in the terrain's top surface can be defined in two ways for the type of cutting:

Select the suitable parameter.

Lower table


Start value

The input value depends on the method selected at Start landscaping at (upper table).



Use this button to execute the function.

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