Use this function to turn on/off different functions or use dialogs in the calculation/building process.

Tip: Turn OFF some of the checkboxes when you need to turn off some of the functions for troubleshooting issues you have in the cross-sections.

In general, the checkboxes will give you the possibility to turn off parts of the road model descriptions that have been added without actually removing the description from the dialogs. For many of the checkboxes, they will automatically be turned ON when editing that specific description dialog or a specific part of the description dialog.

Here we will explain in more detail the checkboxes that deserve a special mention.

Dynamic Elements

Update surface edges as alignments

This checkbox will be turned on automatically when using the function to Save edge as Alignment when right-clicking a road surface in the Cross-section Viewer or Road Surface dialog.

Inner slope

Simplify inner slope surface on terrain

Used to simplify the inner slope surface after it meets with the terrain surface to minimize data and simplify the process for some 3rd party software.

Using this function will automatically turn OFF Create Solids (see below).

Minimum Ditch Depth

Note: This is only available in the Danish version.


Road surface boundaries

Turns off the use of road surface boundaries and is often practical to use when there is a need to investigate error messages in the cross-section calculation.

Quadri results

Create Solids

Turning it off will simplify the results and not produce solids, pavement layers, and pavement stringlines.

Will also be turned ON when turning on Create stakeout strings for pavement.

Stake out strings for pavements.

Produces stake out stringlines for the pavement layers.

By default turned off to minimize data produced in the design process.

Will also be turned OFF when turning off Create Solids.

Filter pavement strings for surface edges on top surface

Turned ON, the model will not produce stringlines for the pavement layers where there are no changes in the cross-sections (stringlines fall on the same line in the cross-section).

Turned OFF, the model will produce stringlines for all pavement layers directly beneath all road surface edges and wherever there is a change in slope in the cross-section.