Sign library

This command activates the sign library.


The different sign groups (danger signs, prohibition signs, etc.) are categorized in different "groups" in the menu. Select the desired sign group from the drop-down menu. Each sign group is divided into different "levels". This is done to help the user find the desired sign in the selected sign group.

Enlarged single sign display 

The program shows in "standard mode" 20 signs (4 columns x 5 rows) at a time. Some signs may appear somewhat "indistinct", making it difficult to clearly see the content. To improve this we have implemented functionality for displaying an enlarged version of each sign. This can be done by using the right mouse button on the desired sign. The program then switches to “detail mode” and displays only one sign at a time.

Press the right mouse button again to return the program to "default mode".


Sign no. 

You can type in the sign number instead of selecting from the dialogue. 


Pick a sign or symbol. Hold down the left mouse button while dragging the sign out into the drawing and drop it to the desired location in the drawing.

After specifying the location point on the screen, the sign is automatically scaled according to the symbol scale in the drawing. 

If you have chosen to pull the sign in without rotation, the sign must now be rotated to the desired position by using the rotate command in CAD.

Note:  Alternative method is to use the Insert button.
By using this method, the user can insert and rotate the sign in one-step.

CAD color used 

Novapont Road Signs has defined a standard for which colors are used in the signs for each individual country when the presentation mode is set to "Fill" or "Greyscale".

We use two different methods to configure colors.

The different color configurations used are documented below.