Lines Only

Converting a 2D arc element into a 3D polyline requires the arc element to be replaced by a series of straight lines. This adds more break points and the resultant line follows the original arc relatively well.

The maximum length of each line

The length of the straight lines resulting from the conversion to straight lines is controlled with this option.

There is no rule so that an appropriate value can be used, 5.0 m is perhaps sufficient for long lines.


The degree of accuracy determines the number of elemental straight lines, the selected 2D entity to be sub-divided.

In most cases, an accuracy of 1.00 is more than sufficient.

I *f an accuracy of 1.00 does not give sufficient detail, a higher accuracy level can be specified.

If a circle in plan with a radius of 10.0m is converted to straight lines.

See the illustration in which the deviation and segment length are shown. The parameter 0,0031 m is deviation and 0,4986 m is segment length.