Label 2D Contours

The function is used to label several 2D contour lines with their respective elevation. The function takes the initial input value (contour elevation) and labels all the selected contours with respective elevations calculating them at a given contour interval. Function prompts for an insertion point for each elevation label. This function is also available from Novapoint Base.

Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Terrain > Elevation label > Label 2D Contour(s)

Working procedure

Command prompts for:

Select objects:

Select the contour lines for which elevation labels are to be inserted. Make use of AutoCAD's selection options (fence, crossing window, etc., and confirm the selected objects with the key RETURN or Right button of the mouse.

Note: It is very important to follow the sequence of contour lines with respect to their elevation values while selecting them. You can select either in ascending or descending order of contour elevation values and define the contour interval relative to the selection.

Contour Elevation <0.00>:

Enter the Contour Elevation value of the first selected contour. Confirm your choice with the key RETURN.

Contour Interval <5.000>:

Enter the Contour Interval of the selected contours. Confirm your choice with the key RETURN. Further, you have to pick the direction for the orientation of the texts. Each text is inserted perpendicular to the line you pick.

Note: The contour interval value should be a positive or negative value, depending on the way (ascending/descending) the contours are selected.

Text Angle: Pick start point:

Pick the start point and the end point to define the Text Angle or define the rotation angle at the command prompt.

Number of decimals <3>:

Enter a numeric value for the desired number of decimals places to be included in the contour elevation label and confirm by RETURN. Further, for each contour elevation, you will have to pick the insertion point for the label belonging to the current contour. This is illustrated in the example below.

Pick text position <7619.02,5453.85,1000.00>:

Pick the insertion point for the text label. The label with contour elevation will be inserted at the selected point. The command continues to prompt for Pick Text position till all the selected contours are done with Elevation labels. The result of the function will be as shown in the below figure.

Tip: The contour lines in the order of selection will be highlighted to indicate the respective contour for elevation value.