Long Section Style Editor


Use this function to create user-defined presentation style with customization:

Customizing procedure for profiles is similar to that of Cable and WS Plan Style with the following deviations:


Run the function from the following location:


The following method is used:

Step 1: Start the function and the dialogue WS - Long Section Style Editor will open.

Step 2: Add and delete elements in Elements View.

Step 3: Go through Style Parameters View.

Step 4: See the configuration in the visualization window.

Step 5: Save Style and use it in the draw panel.

New styles are created by adding style elements from a list and/or selecting the style elements from other styles (pre-defined or user-defined). User-defined styles can be used as company standards and can be reused in other projects as well. These styles will be available in the function Longitudinal Profile.

Following are the features of this function: