Script Editor

In this dialog, you can configure your own script for ASCII-file interpretation. Various vendors have different formats on their exported point cloud files. Some files have headers describing the format when it was made etc. There may also be a set of columns having an ID, section number, data set number, etc. For the triangulation, only the XYZ position of each scanned point is of interest. A script contains a series of operations on the file content to remove unwanted data rows and columns.


A name describing the script. This will also be the filename where the script is stored.

Multiple scanner data files may share a script.

Available Script Commands

A single command performs a single operation on the file. This list contains all the available commands that can be used.

Selected Script Commands

As you build your scripts, you will see all your selected commands in this view. This view also gives a short preview of the options you have selected on a command.


Command Options

This part of the dialog enables you to edit the options on a given selected command.


This part of the dialog will display a preview of your file content. The preview is updated immediately when changes are done to your script.