Slope Arrows

Use this function for the following:

Having a set of slope arrows connected to the object in the drawing or the database (Quadri Model) shall be a powerful tool for designing the slope surfaces and elevation for the various Civil Engineering design situations.


The slope calculation is based on two points in either space or horizontal position (plan):

The elevation calculation is based on slope value and two points in either space or plan:

Any number of slope arrows can be created. Slope arrows can also be created along a baseline - line/arc/circle/polyline (2D or 3D):

3D polyline from the slope arrows can be created automatically:

Contours are calculated automatically and if required can be presented.

Slope Arrow Calculations

The slope can be calculated based on the following:

All the mentioned options above are also applicable to calculate the elevation:


Step 1: Start the function and make sure that the parameters are correct using the button Setup.

Step 2: Use the button New arrow < to define the arrows.

Step 3: Edit slope parameters or dZ parameters.

Step 4: Start Setup to check and correct parameters.

Step 5: Close the slope arrow function.

Step 6: To edit existing slope arrows, start the function and use the button Pick arrow <.

Run the function from the following locations:

New arrow <

Use this button to define new slope arrow(s). It is possible to define several slope arrows in one operation.

Command prompts for:

Pick start point:

Pick the start point for the slope arrow.

Pick end point:

Pick the end point for the slope arrow.

Create next arrow or press <Esc> or <Enter> to quit.

Continue for the next slope arrow or exit the command prompt.

Tip: Use object snap modes for precise selection of start and end points of the slope arrows.

The details of the slope arrows will be listed in the dialog:

Upper table

Arrow name: Displays the name of the arrow.

Slope (1:S): Displays the calculated slope of the arrow.

Delta Z (dZ): Displays the elevation change between start and end points of the slope arrow is displayed.

Length (horizontal): Displays the horizontal distance between the end points of the slope arrow.

Direction: Displays the direction of the slope arrow.

Contour Radius: The radius of the contour is displayed. The radius is calculated for the active slope arrow and the next slope arrow.

Shortcut menu on upper table

Shortcut menu can be activated by locating the cursor on the upper table and using the right button of the mouse. The shortcut menu will be for the active slope arrow (the slope arrow on the cursor was located or the slope arrow row, which is highlighted/selected).

Reverse arrow: The direction of the slope arrow will be reversed.

Set Slope: This is an alternative for defining the slope of the active slope arrow. The dialog Input Dialog will pop up.

Lower table

Details of the active slope arrow (selected/highlighted in the upper table) will be listed.

Details of the start point and end point will be listed.

Connected to: The object (CAD entity, Quadri model object, or road model object) to which the point is connected will be displayed.

Chainage: The chainage, at which the point is connected, will be displayed.

X/Y/Z: The coordinates of the point will be displayed.

Z from: There are three types of parameters available Input, Terrain, and Object.

Shortcut menu on lower table

Shortcut menu can be activated by locating the cursor on the lower table and using the right button of the mouse. The point of the slope arrow can be connected to a CAD entity, object in Quadri, or centerline of the active road model.


Use this option to delete the slope arrow from the table and erase from drawing.

Tip: Multiple slope arrows can be selected by holding the Shift or Ctrl keys.

Arrows along Baseline

Use this button to defined slope arrow(s) along the selected baseline. For further details, refer the topic Arrows along Baseline.

Create 3D polyline

Use this button to create a 3D polyline for the line, to which slope arrows are connected. The calculated height of the slope arrow start and end points is transferred to the connected line.


The icons Move Up/Down move the active slope arrow respectively in the upper table of the dialog.

Redraw all

Use this button to update the slope arrows in the drawing when the parameters are modified or the setup is modified.


The drawing setup, representation of slope arrows, representation of contour lines, calculation parameters, etc., can be configured using this button. The dialog Slope Arrow Properties will pop up with this button, which tabs for slope arrow setup and contour lines setup.


Slope Arrow / Contour Lines: All slope arrows / contour lines will be saved as a group in the drawing.

Note: The function will not check existing group names and will overwrite in case of duplicate name.