Save Edge as Alignment

If there is a need to store the road surface edge or road model edge as an alignment in the model it is possible to do this by right-clicking a road surface in the Cross-section Viewer or in the Road Surface dialog. Then select to save edge as alignment.

This will create a Line task with the name: P_<TaskName>_<EdgeName>.

The surface edge saved as alignment will be updated for every build of the road model if the checkbox for updating dynamic alignments is turned on in the model settings. If the checkbox is turned off the surface edge alignment will not be updated.

When using this function the user will be asked to save as Road Alignment or a Non-alignment line.

Tip: To make a Line task not recognizable by the road model that was created it is possible to rename the Line task. From this point on the Line, the task will not be updated when rebuilding the road task.

Warning: Non-reserved Line tasks will not be updated when rebuilding the Road task. Reserve the Line tasks to be able to update them.

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