Connector Materials


Use this function for registering new connector materials and new dimensions, either by adding new materials or by copying and editing existing ones, or to delete material types or dimensions you don't want to keep anymore.


The function is run from the following location:


New material is used for adding new materials.

Copy material is used for registering new material types by copying and editing already existing types. 

Materials that are no longer needed in the WS-project, may be deleted. Delete material is run from the following location:

New pipe materials are to be given names, abbreviations, and dimension types in the sections in the right pane of the dialogue. Further, there is stated whether the pipe dimension is described by its inner or outer diameter. This dialogue is also used for editing the span of dimensions for the different material types.

Add new dimensions by using the function New Dimension.

After that, key in the desired diameter and what bottom thickness to be calculated when the connector is used for pressure pipes as well as for gravitation pipes.

Remove dimensions by using the function Remove Dimension.

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