Geology and Rock Support Drawing

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Tunnel > Geology and Rock Support Drawing

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tunnel: Geology and Rock Support Drawing

 The purpose of this dialog

From this dialog, you can generate a plan drawing of the rock support and geology registrations in model space.

The structure of the dialog

The dialog consists of three main parts:

The project setting

In this part of the dialog, you can specify the chainage interval to draw, the scaling factor, and the drawing configuration file to use.

You should use the default drawing scaling of 1:500 to get the best result for font sizes etc. You do not need to preset the scaling of the active drawing. The scaling is set automatically to the factor you specify in this dialog.

The pane to the left

In the leftmost pane, you check on and off the main drawing groups. The contents of the rightmost pane change depending on which of the drawing groups you choose in the leftmost pane.

The pane to the right

You can switch on and off the different registration types to draw in the rightmost pane. You can also change the layer name and default color, line type, and line weight for each object. Most of the objects are however drawn with object-specified color, line type, and line weight. These settings can not be overruled by making changes in the rightmost pane, but by making changes in the drawing configuration file. Changes in the configuration file must be done by a specialist.

Making the drawing

You must click on the “Draw” button after selecting what to draw. After a few seconds, the plan drawing will be drawn automatically in model space.

You should use the “Generate Geology and Rock Support Drawing” menu choice to generate the final layout drawings.