EPS files using the PostScript language to describe objects. PostScript is an industry standard for graphic files and can be used as graphic illustrations in most standard page layout programs. In EPS files, objects can defined with colors in CMYK or RGB values.

This function only uses closed polylines as input data and examples of typical data would be polylines of a sign created using the program's explode road sign function. The function uses the polyline color as input data for the filled surface that is formed within the boundary.


The following sequence of questions appears at startup:

Select objects:

Select the closed polylines that should be exported as EPS.

Decide on the following options in the dialog box:


Program can store arcs as "ARC" or "Line segments".


Here there are many different color conversions to choose from... but usually it is most common to use the options "Standard" or "BluePrint".


Select between "RGB" or "CMYK".

Enter a filename and press OK to exit.