This method will combine a Classification task with a Plan Presentation for layer naming and coloring in DWG.

Dataset Example

The dataset has a main road, a secondary road, and an intersection area.

Figure 1: Main road, secondary road, and an intersection area

The dataset also has two classifications, one for separating road tasks, one for separating features inside any road task.

Figure 2: The dataset has two classifications

Selecting a pavement layer for one of these roads in the Quadri model will show the classifications in the properties.

Here we see that the Base Course 1 for the Main Road is selected.

Figure 3: Classification in properties

Export Example

Create a Plan Presentation with the tasks for our road and intersection. Use a Presentation Setup that splits and shows the tasks in a good enough way. Here we have used Basic Map for the example.

Figure 4

Create an export task to DWG. Pick the Plan Presentation to use. Choose to use Field Codes.

Figure 5

Start the dialog through the cogwheel and add classifications to use.

The first classification group will be the layer name in CAD.

The second classification group after the delimiter will be the layer description in CAD.

Figure 6: Field code setup

Press OK to complete the export to CAD.

Check the file to see that the data is exported as requested.

Note: The Layer Name and Layer Description are reversed, as requested in the classification grouping dialog in the previous step.

Figure 7: Check the file to see that the data is exported as requested