Calculate Step

The function enables you to draw and calculate a stair by supplying the stair equation with the appropriate values. The stair is drawn in the plane where each step and stair direction is defined. All lines belonging to the stair are joined as one object group. You can Control + right-click this group to show the stair in section, elevation, or 3D. The stair calculation enables you to calculate an optimal stair adjusted to the terrain gradient and the natural step length for this gradient.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Symbols and objects > Calculate Step

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Symbols and objects: Calculate Step

The dialog box 'Terrace' will pop up. Select the desired parameters from the dialog box.


**Terrain gradient**

Terrain angle Ca Step length (cm) 1:5.67 11° 70.0 1:4.7 12° 69.0 1:4 14° 68.0 1:3.5 16° 67.0 1:3 18° 66.0 1:2.5 22° 65.0 1:2.1 25° 64.0 1:1.7 30° 63.0 1:1.4 35° 62.0 1:1.2 41.5° 61.0 1:1 45° 60.0

Stair equation

The equation that is used as a basis for the calculation is Step length = 2 up-steps + insteps. The step length that is calculated is used to calculate the number of steps.

Step calculation

Here you can see which values are calculated for the stair. You can also see that the calculated step length deviates from the equation used for the calculation.

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