Platform Edge Design

Designing the platform edge

The Platform Edge Design tool calculates and presents the edge of the specified railway platforms or ramps. By entering the key parameters and referring to the reference track, you will get the calculated platform edge based on predefined design standards.

Ideally all platforms are to be located on straight track sections, with no curves for the horizontal or the vertical alignments. Then the height difference and the horizontal offset between the rail and the edge of the platform construction are defined by the design standards. But as soon as a platform has to be designed in other parts of the track than the ideal, the manual calculation of the required platform edge is a time-consuming process.

The Platform Edge Design tool seeks to ease the process to find the correct edge of platforms, whether the platform is located:

Based on the current geometric situation the platform edge will be calculated against the actual requirements.

Input parameters


Select reference track and eventually which switch is to be influencing the platform edge.

Select reference track object

If switch in platform area; select departing track object

Platform Edge Geometry Rule

Presentation of calculated result

The calculated result can be presented in the current drawing as a 2D or 3D polyline. The result will also be presented in a spreadsheet when calculating the platform edge.

Drawing presentation

If required the calculated edge of the platform can be drawn in the current drawing as a polyline with the following options:


The calculated result will be presented in a spreadsheet format.

When pressing the button 'Calculate', a preview of the result is presented in the drawing. The calculated data are also presented in a XLS report, with a column for the following data, presenting the results for all calculated increments:

Reference track data:

Calculated platform edge data:

When the design is completed, press the button 'Draw' to add the polyline to the current drawing. Cancel ends the session, but exported files are not removed.

Use the button 'Edit existing platform edge <' to modify a platform edge.

Tip: Use the tool 'Setting out -from drawing' tool from Novapoint Base (Refer 'Novapoint Base' to export the 3D polyline data to different file formats.

Tip: Copy the calculated result from the spreadsheet and paste to the current drawing for documentation of platform edge data.

Calculation parameters and formulas

Refer the topic Calculation Parameters and Formulas for the abbreviations and the formulas used.