Open an Older Project

Projects established in earlier versions of Novapoint can be imported and processed in newer versions of Quadri. It is possible to import both calculation base and WS models. Versions before Novapoint 19 have to be imported and converted via the modelling tool. The given task to be converted is updated in the Quadri configuration when the program launches.

Note! After the conversion you are not able to open the project in an older version.


The newest version of Quadri can be installed side-by-side with previous Quadri and Novapoint versions. But you can only run one instance at a time.


Novapoint 2022 (ac21) runs on AUTOCAD-platforms versions 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Novapoint 2022 (ac19) runs on AUTOCAD-platforms versions 2019 and 2020.

Why upgrade?

Software solution are constantly in change, new versions are coming with improved features and new functionality. Quadri and Novapoint is no exception. In the video below you can learn how to upgrade local models and server projects. In this way you can make use of the improved features and the new functionalities on your current project.

Video: Why Upgrade?