Contour Marking on 3D Lines

Use this function to draw contour marks on a selected 3D line at desired contour interval.

Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Elevation Tools:

Draw Contour Marks on 3D-Line

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Elevation Tools > Draw Contour Marks on 3D-Line

Tip: Shortcut to this function (in case the 3D-line is a Novapoint entity):

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Novapoint Base: object_menu

Command prompts for:

Select an entity:

MOUS_ICO Pick a 3D-line

MOUS_ICO Select the flyout menu option 'Draw Contour'

Command prompt for:

Contour spacing <5.00>:

KEYB_ICO Define the contour interval (meter), at which contours are to be marked.

Point to a line, arc, or polyline:

MOUS_ICO Pick all the 3D lines and confirm the selection with the key 'Return'