Import Drawing Rules for Surfaces

This command imports drawing rule definitions from a text file. This is useful for preserving custom drawing rules when reinstalling Novapoint or moving custom drawing rules to other installations.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Setup > Import Drawing Rules for Surfaces

When the command is used a file dialog will open where you can browse to the file to be imported. If the drawing rule name already exists (within a drawing rule set with the same name as the set being imported), you will be prompted to rename the drawing rule.

Note: You should rename the drawing rule set (different from the default name) before export unless you intend to add all drawing rules. If you want to replace the default drawing rule set you should delete or rename it before importing to avoid name collisions.

The Land use disposal in landscape use Area Drawing Rules to illustrate the Surface objects as hatches in a drawing. These drawing rules can be exported as a text file for editing, backup, or to be imported elsewhere.