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MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise> Buildings > Fetch


MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise> Buildings > Dialog box > Fetch buildings


nco: Select a building (defined in Novapoint Noise)

MOUS_ICO Popup menu: Fetch

This function allows the user to fetch all buildings, all buildings within a restricted area, or all buildings with an area larger than a given minimum value into Novapoint Noise. If the buildings have been fetched to the noise module, all buildings will be represented correctly in the Novapoint Noise terrain profiles.

The identity of the buildings is automatically created, and heights are entered in the same way as for fetching single buildings. Only objects with the layer names defined for buildings in Layer name for fetching buildings are fetched.

Once the transfer of information has been completed, the user is recommended to check that the definition of buildings looks reasonable. Make sure that the roof and ridge heights are OK, and change the name of the buildings to, e.g., the address or name of the owner.


All buildings must have a unique identity. This identity should consist of a base part and possibly a serial number.

Example 1:

Example 2:


Choose whether to fetch all buildings or to fetch buildings only from a restricted area.

Buildings without height information

For buildings with feature codes without defined roof height (according to the Layer name for fetching buildings), a standard value may be entered for the distance between ground level and the roofs of the buildings.

Minimum area for fetching buildings

For each building, the area is calculated before the building is written to Novapoint Noise. You can give a minimum value for the area of the buildings that you want to read to Novapoint Noise, preventing small buildings to be included.


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