Geosuite Hatch Patterns in AutoCAD

Geosuite Toolbox uses a number of custom hatching patterns in AutoCAD. They are used for example in the AutoCAD-based version of Geosuite Stability.

The patterns are not installed automatically and must be manually inserted into the AutoCAD design files (ACAD.PAT / ACADISO.PAT).

Where can I find the Geosuite HATCH patterns?

Geosuite hatch patterns (GeoSuite.PAT) are installed in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Vianova\Novapoint\GeoSuite\2015\CAD (or equivalent)

The file content looks like:

This should then be added at the end of the ACAD / ACADISO.PAT used by AutoCAD / Civil3D.

Where can I find ACAD / ACADISO.PAT

Give the command “Options” in AutoCAD to see the settings in AutoCAD. “Support file search path” are settings for the folders in which AutoCAD searches in - for example:

C:\Users\<user name>\appdata\roaming\autodesk\c3d 2016\enu\support

Locate the two files and add the entire contents of GeoSuite.pat at the end of AutoCAD * .pat.

There are instructions on how to configure AutoCAD on the Autodesk website - search on “Install Custom Hatch Pattern”