Layer Name for Fetching Buildings

There is no need to make changes in this dialog box if the map is read using the function “Draw Map from Terrain model” and buildings are defined with the following feature codes:

Feature codes Type

5001, 5031 Buildings defined by roof height

5000, 5002, 5032 Buildings defined without height

5082 Building ridges


If feature codes other than those above are used for building/ridge in the terrain model, the contents of this dialog box have to be changed before buildings are fetched to Novapoint Noise.

Enter the desired layer name to the field Name possibly using wildcard characters (see AutoCAD's user's manual). Thereafter, click New to add this layer name to the list “Matches”. If you want to change a layer name in the list “Matches”, highlight this layer name which then will appear in the field Name. Here you perform the desired changes and click Change to update the list “Matches”.