Global Settings

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise > Global settings

The settings in this dialog box apply in general and are not linked to any specific Novapoint Noise object.

Most settings in Novapoint Noise are stored within each drawing. This applies to color settings, text at calculation points, etc. It is recommended to study the section on template drawings in your AutoCAD manual. Use this feature to establish your desired default settings for all new drawings in Novapoint Noise.

Calculation Points


A correct terrain surface is essential to correct noise calculation. If warnings are given, it is recommended to identify the source of the warnings before increasing the value!

Noise contours and colored areas

Set the drawing order for colored surfaces to bottom.

This setting determines how to handle the drawing order of colored surfaces. Always will draw the surfaces to the bottom of the drawing, Never will draw the surfaces to the top, while Ask will prompt the user each time.

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Layer names

Defines what layers to use for drawing objects from the dialog boxes in Novapoint Noise.

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