Vehicle Tracking Analyzer

Minimum turning radius

The turning radius used for the vehicle in the Vehicle Tracking function is measured from the center of the front axle.

In some road designing guidebooks, the radius may be measured from the outer edge of the vehicle, so this value then needs to be deducted when setting the turning radius in the function.

In addition, if there are drawn templates to follow, we will strive to follow those by editing the different parameters to fit them as best as possible.

Figure 1: How the turning radius is measured

Figure 2: Lorry template from the Norwegian standard


The lorry in the example above has a minimum turning radius of 10.03 in the template.

The radius set in the guidebooks for this particular vehicle is 12.00 m.

The value of 10.03 is derived from calculating the diagonal from the center of the front axle to the outer front corner.

Figure 3: How the minimum turning radius is derived

We use Pythagora's Sentence to calculate the diagonal:

√(1,275m²+1,5m²) ≈ 1,97m

12m - 1,97m = 10,03m

Note: When the maximum angle of turning is close to the angle from the center axle to the front corners, this is a fairly accurate approximation. However, this is not always correct and must be considered in each case.

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