Quantity Reports


Report options

Pick the report type to use:

Select the language to use for the report.

Activate the checkbox for Only summary sheet if you would like only the summary sheet in the Novapoint Quantity report.


Set the from-to chainages to make the report from.

By default the report is set to 'Full length' of the road model.

Report sectioning

The report sectioning will extract the quantities in intervals along the road chainage. An interval of 10m will extract the report in the sections that are divided by 10, i.e. ch. 40, 50, 60, 70 in addition to the start and end chainage.

The quantities presented for chainage 50 is a result of the geometries it finds in chainage 45 to 55.

Fixed interval (m) - The default interval is set to 10 m. The excel report will have many sheets that splits with detailed overview of each of the quantities found in the summary sheet, and lists them with the set interval. It is possible to change the interval/step to extract the report from.

As calculated intervals - Will section the quantity report based on the calculation interval set in the road task.

No sectioning - Will make a traditional combined Novapoint report, but without any sectioning interval. In the Excel workbook, the sheets of a traditional combined Novapoint report will be available.

For more information about what the quantities represent, look here.