Road Edge: 2R3A

Use this function to design road edge curves and draw it to the current drawing.

Run the function from the following location:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Intersection Tools > Road Edge: 2R3A

Command prompts for:

Pick start edge line (turning right):

Select the start edge line for a right turn.

Pick end edge line (turning right):

Select the other road edge.

A preview of the edge line is drawn in CAD with the default values.

Zoom/Pan/Snap/error ?/draW/Quit/<draW>:


This refers to the intersection angle (in grad) of selected edge lines.

error ?

Use this option to track the errors of the road edge-rounding object. The details will be displayed in Notepad.


The road edge line is drawn to the current CAD drawing.

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