The same dialog box is reachable via Change. The title is then Change building, instead of New building, but the functionality is otherwise the same.

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise > Buildings > New


MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise > Buildings > Dialog box > New building


nco: Select a building (defined in Novapoint Noise)

MOUS_ICO Popup menu: New

This dialog box is for registering/editing building information.

Name and number


If the map has been read in 2D, the ground level will be regarded as 0.

If a ridgeline has been defined (must have a layer name defined in Layer name for fetching buildings) and intersects the contour of the building at least once) in connection with the building, at the same time, this will automatically be entered as a ridge for this building. The ridgeline will be shown in the Drawing window. The average height this line has in AutoCAD will be added to the field Ridge height.


Info about corner heights

Information about heights for each contour corner/breakpoint and ridge ending is given here. This information is given to make it easier to check that the given heights are reasonable.


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