FATAL ERROR Occurs in the WS Calculation


FATAL ERROR message occurs when you try to run a WS calculation (see picture below). Try the steps below before you contact Trimble Support!

Picture 1: FATAL ERROR message in ACAD


Step 1: Try to identify the trace that is the reason for the crash (only if you are trying to calculate several tasks).

Step 2: If you can identify a specific trace, go to Quadri and open the trace in 3D. Examine if the trace has extreme Z-values, for instance a manhole with a Z-value equal to -10000.

Step 3: Examine if the calculation base covers the whole trace (drag the calculation base into the 3D window in Quadri and do a control check).

Step 4: Open the trace in Novapoint WS - Construction in your CAD-software and open Vertical Drawing. Examine if there are any extreme Z-values and/or trench bottom that crosses itself.

If you have done the steps mentioned above and you still get a FATAL ERROR message, do this before you contact Trimble Support:

Picture 2: Screenshot Quadri

Picture 3: Screenshot Quadri