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The design window is in the WS-module.


We are designing a new trench with the function From drawing:

Step 1: Add a new layer called helpline and add color to the layer.

Step 2: Stay in the helpline-layer.

Step 3: Write PL in the command window and press Enter, or do this from the ribbon menu draw. Click on the start point and all the points in the intended trench. All vertexes in the helpline will be defined as nodes with connections.

Step 4: Press Enter after the last point are placed.

Step 5: Stay in the 0-layer.

Step 6: Open Design.

Step 7: Select Trench tab.

Step 8: In the dropdown menu select From drawing.

Step 9: Point and click on the polyline.

Step 10: Press Enter.

Step 11: Select the desired trench cross section from the configuration.

Step 12: End with OK.

Now, a new trench is made. Double click on the mouse wheel to get a better view!

Add branch trench

A branch trench is added from an existing node. You can select a new trench cross section for the branch trench. This can be done in the following way:

Step 1: Right-click on the node you want to add the branch trench to.

Step 2: Select New branch trench.

Step 3: Click on desired placement of the branch trench.

Step 4: Press Enter.

Step 5: Select Trench cross section.

Step 6: Press OK.

Now, you can find the branch trench from the node you started from.

Add horizontal vertexes

It is possible to add horizontal vertexes, vertical vertexes and a combination of those. It is also possible to add curves which is based on multiple vertexes.

Step 1: Right click on desired pipe and point you want to add a vertex.

Step 2: Select Insert.

Step 3: In dropdown menu select In pipe and Horizontal vertex.

Step 4: Left click on the pipe and a grip point will appear. The grip point can be moved as desired.

Step 5: End with left click.

Note: Vertexes are static and will not relocate when moving a node.

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