Method 1

This method will show how you make a LandXML file with IrregularLines with the vertical alignment as a 3D point list, used in machining equipment for further processing.

The content of the file will hold:

To pick the result data to be included in the export it is possible to use the Wizard found inside some of the templates (see Selecting data with the Wizard below), or to pick the data in a more manual way through the dynamic query.

Remember to check the destination format and choose the conversion file to use (see below).

Selecting data with the Wizard

Step 1: Start the export task in Quadri for Windows by going to Output > Export to file.

Step 2: Pick the task template to use for picking the correct data. The templates available for all users are the templates for:

Pick the appropriate template.

Step 3: A wizard starts and lets you pick the task to be exported. Pick the correct road task.

Step 4: Based on the road task that is selected, the wizard will find the correct alignment task that is used for this road task.

Set the From - To chainage to limit the export along the alignment.

When using the wizard, it will automatically pick the correct alignment task and road task in the dynamic query based on your choices. It will also limit the feature selection to some degree. If there is a need for further filtration to specific data you are able to do this filtration in the dynamic query dialog. If you selected a From-To chainage you will see this limitation in the Location part of the dynamic query.

Step 5: Complete the wizard.

Tip: The wizard has now picked the stakeout stringline data related to the template you chose to use. To change the selection or to do this step without the wizard, please confer with Querying Features to Export.

Check the destination format

Step 6: Check that the destination format is correctly set to LandXML.

Open format settings and check that the LandXML version is set to RoadRunner 1.0.

If using the wizard it will set this automatically, but if you have done everything manually, you have to set this manually as well.

Choose the Conversion File

Step 7: Set the conversion file to use; Irregular lines.


Step 8: Complete the export task.

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