Use this function for the following:

line type is a standard function (common to most of the modules) in Novapoint, which can be used to draw, copy, and edit different line types from a !!line library!!. 

Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Lines > Draw/Change

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Lines > Draw/Change

The 'Novapoint line type Library' pane will pop up. From the menu Novapoint From the menu 'Landscape' Respective line types will be loaded in the current drawing depending on the module/menu from where the function is called. The function will search for line type files (*.LIN), where the definition of each line type is located. These files are thematically grouped as:


In some cases depending on the line type, the dialog box 'Line Description' will pop up. For further details, refer to the topic 'Line Description'.

Tip: * All object select modes that are available with AutoCAD can be used.

Command prompts for:

Pick source polyline/line/arc:

Select the source object (the line type that is to be applied to other objects).

Select objects:

Select all the objects, the line type of which is to be changed to that of the source object. Finish the selection using the key 'Return'.

The individual line types (line types for Planting Design, Terrain Design, Terrain Section, Wall, WS, El/Tele, Street Furniture, and Layout) will be loaded into the drawing when the respective Draw/Edit function is activated.

If you draw lines with this function the System Variable PLINEGEN is automatically set to 1. This is done so that lines defined by a pattern located on one particular side of the line will be evenly distributed along the line and appear on the correct side if the line contains curves.

If you have saved your own line types in separate line type files (*.LIN) you need to put them in the directory where Point5 is installed (standard is <drive>\Point5). The programs will automatically find these, and you can bring them up by this function.

Preview: You can create a slide (AutoCAD's command MSLIDE) of your line types and put them in NP_LIN.SLB that is located in the Point5 directory to get a preview of the line type. The slide name needs to be the same as the line type.

List of line types: If the line types have been defined correctly by AutoCAD's line type definition, the line type will be displayed in the list. There is also room for the descriptive text for the line type, and this is the same as the description added after the comma behind the line type name in the definition. (See AutoCAD documentation). Select the desired line type and then the desired option.

Draw: The dialog box 'line type' will pop up and simultaneously AutoCAD's Polyline function runs. The command prompts for:

From point:

Define starting point for the line.

Current line width is 0.000 Arc/Close/Halfwidth/Length/Undo/Width/<Endpoint of line>:

Define points sequentially as you draw.

Note: You can click on the dialog for Reset line type and PLINEGEN after you have finished drawing. Then the active line type in the drawing will be set to BYLAYER and PLINGEN is set to 0.

Change: If option 'Change' is selected, command prompts for:

Pick line:

Select the line you want to edit.

The selected line's line type will be replaced with the one selected in the dialog box 'line type'.

Copy/Draw: If the option 'Copy/Draw' is selected, command prompts for:

Pick line:

Pick the line you want to copy and give a new label.

loading line type. Ok

The duplicate of the selected line will be drawn with the line type selected in the dialog box 'line type'. All other parameters are the same as that of the selected line.

The following line type files are included in Landscape.

Topic/Function Area line type file (*.LIN)