Use this function for registering new connector types, either by adding new types or by copying and editing existing ones, or to delete connector types you do not want to keep anymore.


The function is run from the following location:


New is used for adding new connector types.

Copy is used for registering new connector types by copying and editing already existing types.

Connectors that are no longer needed in the WS-project, may be deleted. Delete is run from the following locations:

New connector types are given names and abbreviations in the sections in the right pane of the dialogue. Further, the checkbox for whether the connector type is to be printed in the plan drawings or should not be marked. This dialogue is also used for stating on which layer the connector types are to be drawn in the drawings and from which file the drawing symbol is fetched, further there are stated scale limits for connector types that may have varying dimensions. Which material types may be used for the different connector types is stated here as well. Please notice that only material types registered under Connector materials can be used.