Back Up Your WS Task

If you need to do a backup of your WS-task or would like to go back to a previous design there are some options described below:

Option 1: Undo and Redo

Use these two functions to go back and forth between your last changes (as soon as you close the design dialogue, this feature is not available).

Picture 1: Screenshot CAD-software

Option 2: Save and export

You can save your current trench design at any time by exporting the task as an XML file. This is a simple way to do a backup of your WS design at any time. Consider doing it before doing a major change in your design. 

Press model and "Save as" then choose those trenches that you want to save as a file.

You can then import them again by pressing "Import" from the same dropdown menu as shown below.

Picture 2: Screenshot CAD-software

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