Alignment Reports

This function prepares a data entry file for user reference for the selected Track/objects. The following reports can be generated.

A dialog will start when doing the Alignment Reports.

Define the following parameters:

Note: It is recommended generate one report at a time instead of generating all the reports simultaneously.

When OK is selected, a dialog box will be displayed from which user may select the file name for the report.

Note: It is recommended that user select a file name with the either of the following extensions, which makes easier to locate files.

<File name>.CSV - Comma-separated report

<File name>.ALC - Horizontal and vertical displacement report

<File name>.VER - Horizontal and vertical displacement report

<File name>.GEO - GEO Plasser

<File name>.KOF - Stakeout data

After defining the file name and location of the file, follow the command prompt.

Lifting Scheme CSV

This report can be generated from the function 'Alignment Reports'.

The report consists of the following elements:

The comma-separated report (CSV) file can be imported to spreadsheets.

When OK is selected, a dialog box will be displayed from which you may select the filename for the lifting schedule data.

When a filename is selected or entered the following message will be displayed in the command field:

Pick track:

It is important that the selected line is set to active in the Task selector in the CAD ribbon for Railway module. If not, the program will not find the vertical alignment design. If data is missing on this line you will see a relevant message and the data will not be included in the lifting schedule.