Text ISO3098

This function sets the font and text height active in the drawing. The function for adding text in the drawing uses the active setting of the Drawing Scale in the drawing. Standardized text types by ISO standards are often used in technical drawings.

The standard text heights are: ISO18, ISO25, ISO35, ISO50, ISO70, and ISO100.

Activate the toolbar from:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Toolbar > Text ISO3098

You can click on the desired text height so that this is set to active. Use AutoCAD to write the text a.g. Multiline Text (MTEXT), and you will have the correct height and scale. The font file used is called ISO3098.shx. The text will also have a predefined color, see the section below.

Note: These are real heights, as they will be drawn. Thus, the active scale in the drawing will define the size of the text. It is therefore important to know what kind of scale you want to have on the final drawing BEFORE you add text.

Text type and thickness

In addition to a predefined font and height, the texts will have a color that matches the standard pen setup used in both AutoCAD and Novapoint. ISO18= 1.8 mm color no. 4 Cyan, ISO25 = 2.5 mm color no. 2 Yellow, ISO35 = 3.5 mm color no. 7 White, ISO50 = 5.0 mm color no. 5 Blue, ISO70 = 7.0 mm color no. 1 Red and ISO100 = 10.0 mm color no. 1 Red.