Terrain Boundaries

This dialog defines how wide the search width is to gather data from the Quadri model. The data collected will be based on what is set as Calculation Basis and Illustration Objects on the task.

The dialog can have different appearances depending on the advanced left/right separation being used or not.

Normal Search Width setup

Define to what chainage you want to use a specific search width.


Table 1: Example

Note: The Search Width is behaving differently for search widths bigger and smaller than 90m:

Different Left/Right Search Width setup

To split the search width for the left/right-hand side this is set in the advanced settings for the Terrain Boundaries dialog (see below).

Comparing to the normal dialog setup, applying the use of left/right splitting will fill the cells left/right with the values that were found in the search width we defined in the Normal Search Width setup.

Table 2: Example


Use different values for cross-section width on the left and right side

Use this function to apply different search widths for the left-hand and right-hand sides.

Simplify terrain cross-sections

Use this function to filter away terrain points in the terrain cross-sections. This is typically used when the terrain profiles are very rich in data with dense triangulation.


Vertical tolerance: 10 cm

Minimum horizontal distance: 1 cm

This will filter points with less than 10 cm vertical distance that also has more than 1 cm horizontal distance. This will save points that are fairly close to one another (less than 1 cm horizontal distance).

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