Crossing Pipes to Longitudinal Profile


Use this function to analyze the Water and Sewer project for crossing pipes and pipes that is falling short of the minimum spacing (specified by users).

The minimum requirement is that the profile (longitudinal profile) is to be drawn before executing the function.


You find the function in the following location:


The following method is used: 

Step 1: Start the function. The dialogue WS - Select Traces appears.

Step 2: Select trenches with pipes that cross. Ctrl + Left click two or more trenches.

Step 3: End with OK.

Step 4: Command prompts for:

Select profile frame to draw to:

Step 5: Select the frame of the longitudinal drawing.

Step 6: The crossing pipes will appear in the longitudinal drawing.

The function will draw all the crossing pipes in the longitudinal profile. Annotation for the pipe, station, and elevation will also be drawn. On the same longitudinal profile, collision analysis can be executed for any number of trenches one after the other to obtain all the crossing pipes.