Draw Longitudinal Profile from Quadri

The function generates the Longitudinal Terrain Profile from the database along the requested line and draws the same to the working AutoCAD drawing. The function draws terrain surfaces, soil layers, saved road lines, and surfaces available from all the active groups are shown.

Run the function from:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar:  Draw Longitudinal Profile from Quadri

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Terrain Information > Draw Longitudinal Profile from Quadri

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Not available from the command line

The dialog 'Select Horizontal Alignment' will pop up.

Step 1: Horizontal Alignment

Note: The first point of the CAD entity will be the start point for calculations and presentation in case the baseline is a CAD entity.

Step 2: Output Parameters

The active Terrain model and the baseline information can be viewed on the top of this dialog.

Longitudinal profile settings

'Start chainage' is the start point for your longitudinal profile. 'Datum' is the option to place the longitudinal profile at the best position in the frame. 'Insertion point' to place the frame in the AutoCAD drawing. You pick the wanted point in the drawing and the dialog will pop up again and show the coordinates X and Y.

Frame settings

Uses the length of your line to 'Frame length'. The scale in the AutoCAD drawing gives the 'Frame height' and the 'Vertical exaggeration'.

Additional Drawing Objects

'Main Alignment' and 'Main Alignment info' is available if 'Select' or 'Browse' is the choice at Step 1.

If you want to show other 'Wireframes', 'Other alignments' or 'Existing objects' choose them.

If you like to see the terrain at bought sides of the terrain line, choose 'Terrain offset left' and 'Terrain offset right' with the values you selected at Step 1.

The option Drawing style setting you choose which predefined standard you want to use.

Note: The Longitudinal profile will be inserted on predefined layers.