Combining multiple surfaces into One

In some situations a user would like the road surfaces (eg. roadsurface, shoulder, ditches) to be joined to one big surface because of requirements in export to 3rd Party solutions, typically exports to LandXML for machining equipment.
The road task doesn't contain a complete surface like this, so the user needs to do a triangulation to combine the surfaces to one bigger surface.

This can also be applied for multiple road tasks surfaces that are side-by-side.

The same process can be used for combining each of the road/rail pavement layers, one by one.

The Process

Note 1:  Some triangulations can take extended time to complete.

Note 2:  The process is similar to fixing corrupt TIN-surfaces imported to Quadri.

Known Questions

Question: The surface that I have produced is still not one surface, what do I do?

Question: When exporting this surface to LandXML I don't get any breaklines